Fight Like Coach White Memorial Scholarship

Coach Clif White was a devoted football and softball coach at Midlothian High School. When he first started coaching, he always had a desire to work at MHS. He called it his dream job. He proclaimed he loved it so much he would do it for free. Clif White bled blue. His work ethic was unlike any other, his vibrant energy was infectious and his never-failing, positive attitude was inspiring. In his last days on this earth the love he had for his job, his coaching brothers, his athletes and students evoked the spirit of the buffalo within him. He charged into a dangerous storm and fought for his life against a very rare cancer. He showed everyone what it means to trust in the Lord with all your heart, be strong and courageous, never back down from the fight and to love with all your heart. “Fight Like Coach White” Scholarships will be presented yearly to two Midlothian High School Student Athletes. Your donations help to support these scholarships and continue Clif White’s legacy of impacting students at Midlothian High School.